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I checked out the Brau Bros. website last week which got me pretty amped up for two reasons. Reason 1 – Screen printed bottle labels right in the brewery – THAT is COOL. Reason 2 – Brau Sister, Kate, looks pretty hot.

The bottle I am holding in my hand at this very moment is not screen printed. The label is a sticker with a transparent backing. Please, Brau Bros., tell me that this was not sister Kate’s idea. She knows better. She is much too hot to cut corners like that! Listen to your hot sister. Continue to screen print the bottles.

The beer is pretty good to drink in moderation.

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Does anyone remember Meisterbrau? They had the most baddest assest marketing tagline. "As good as Bud, but cheaper." Beer. Beer.

3 thoughts on “Screen printed bottles”

  1. The Braus were having some issues with the screening – I can’t remember if it was registration or their dryer or what. I imagine they’ll bring it back sooner or later.

  2. Kate is quite a sweet and attractive lady, and her husband (the youngest bro) is a very nice guy also. A congrats goes out to them both as they are expecting (I don’t think the baby was born yet). They are great people down there to be sure.

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