My frame still hangs a little to the left

The color looks good, decent carbonation, has a little baby head. Clean taste. Goes down pretty smooth. I can pick up a little clove on the aftertaste. Doesn’t linger too long. Surprisingly short on hops. Thought it would be hoppier? Like many others, I thought it would have a little more oomph, what with the name and all. I’ve been trying to train my sniffer to differentiate odors better, but all I smell is…beer? As it warms (which I hate to let my beer do) I can start to detect the plum aroma. All in all, I am quite satisfied, though hardly overly impressed. My socks are still on my feet, if you catch my drift. A solid contribution by the Braus. I think even a few of my blue collar buds might actually like it, and they hate nearly everything that isn’t Busch, Mich, or Bud. I’ll give it a notch above plain jane average-3.5 of 5. That’s passing nearly anywhere you go.

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Joe Lunchpail

I used to be a typical Bud/Busch/Michelob guy. Whatever's cold, right?! (I grew up in a town of 690) However, around my final year of college, I developed tastebuds and soon began to whistle a different tune. My fridge now usually contains about 5-7 different beers at any given time, and I'll be dipped in dog doo if you can find a domestic light beer in there. My tastes are more inclined to the dark side, with Stouts and Black Lagers being my favorites, generally speaking, though I have developed a love for IPAs as well.

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