I’ve made better in my basement…

..I really have. It feels like the Brau Brothers are thinking, “Ya know, If we just put this beer out there, people will drink it.” They are right, we’ll drink it…but it is a lame ass beer. Talk about amateur…even the label looks homemade.

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Hey I'm a home brewer in St. Paul's Como Park area. I love beer and am everyday thankful for it's creation. Two things, I'm not a Beer Snob. I'll drink anything from Miller High Life (ice cold in a can is the best on a summer day) to a corked Belgian Ale. The other thing, I'm biased to hoppyness! (is that a word?) If it's overloaded with hops, I'll love it. If it makes you pucker up a gasp...even better.

3 thoughts on “I’ve made better in my basement…”

  1. I’m actually not surprised. I have yet to taste the frame straightener but the one other Brau Brother’s beer (Pils) I have tried I dumped down the drain it was that bad. Reminded me of some of my early on extract home brews.

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