This beer tasted like something I would get at my local starbucks only with an alcohol content.   Let’s be clear, I am *not* a coffee fan.  But, I actually liked this beer’s deep mocha flavor as it was balanced with a nice sweet flavor.  This beer was a nice change of pace from last week’s Surly debacle.  This beer did not crack my top 20 favorite beers but it was enjoyable.  I tried this beer from the bottle and not on tap.  I thought the 1pint 6oz bottle may just be *way* too much but I found that it was the perfect size to drink.  Though I prefer .5l bottles so I can fit it all in my Augustiner .5l ceramic mug.

All in all – good work Flat Earth, I enjoyed this beer.

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Spending long days oiling the wheels of the corporate machine makes a guy thirsty. A beer a week is the perfect way to stay hydrated. Winter is my favorite time of year, skiing, hockey, and anything else involving the white stuff. Dabbling in aviation and I enjoy my boat in the summer!

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