Flat Earth or Flat Beer?

Maybe it was just the big bottle and fun label that got me overly excited for the contents inside, but it was just okay to me.  Slightly boring for the taste buds, but not a bad beer overall.  The brewers description mentioned a creamy mocha chocolate flavor- I could taste the chocolate flavor, but being an avid chocolate lover I’d have to say I didn’t taste creamy mocha chocolate.

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The hubby made me join! :) Seriously, I remember being one of those girls at college basement parties that had to plug my nose and guzzle the beer as fast as I could to taste it as little as possilbe. Now, I'm all growed up and enjoy a good beer every now and then (or possibly as often as I can). Thanks for making this possible Rett!

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  1. rebekah,
    please, you need another. I just started my weekend and am happy to say the cygnus big beer gave me the perfect segue, perfect friday afternoon buzz, to enter into post workweek bliss. keep it real, and crack one when you get home.

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