What the heck!

I’ve barely had homebrew mistakes that tasted worse than this. Didn’t like the fruit at all (although I have no problem with fruit beers and I really enjoy a lot of Lambics) and the taste was overall confusing. Not in a good way, more in a, “what is all this shit in this?” kind of way. The aftertaste made me want to rinse my mouth out. You could see me with a bitter squint on my face saying “tschk tschk” with my tongue. We found this at the Blue Nile — good service, but $7 for a glass of this? Seriously? Decided to go to the Happy Gnome to try it again just in case I was nuts. They were sold out. Went to the Muddy Pig and it wasn’t on yet. Then before we left, waitress said they just tapped it. So we ordered one. Then (whom I believe to be Muddy Pig owner) Mark Van Wie came to us and told us pretty sternly that we can’t have it until “Wednesday at 6.” Our waitress followed later to apologize. Why wait? This beer sucks. 

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I took last autumn off from drinking. Now I'm ready to have a different brew every week. I live in Minneapolis and work in the eastern suburbs. I travel a bunch and eat too much pizza. I write sometimes, take some photos and Twitter. I'm a pilot and dig a lot of music. I'm an Internet junkie and I probably comment on your blog.

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2 thoughts on “What the heck!”

  1. Just so you know, we don’t price based on how well you like a beer, but how much it actually costs us. Me, I like it. I’m still drinking one, getting ready to go, relaxing after a busy night…ah, 2!

  2. I’ve really been surprised by how many people hate this beer. Seems to be one that you either love or hate, and not much room in the middle.

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