sour patch kids?

I feel like a big negative nancy because I’ve started brew52 with mostly bad reviews of beers I don’t like, I think things will turn around when we exit winter beer season soon.

This is another one of those negative reviews, and even though it’s Surly, I can’t give the beer good marks. This beer is awful. On the way down it makes the back of your jaw tingle like sour patch kid, not something I’m looking for in a beer.

We tried this at the Blue Nile and thank god Erin and I only shared one, rather than each getting our own. The Rush River Unforgiven Amber Ale was excellent though 🙂

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Ben R

I started drinking beer when I was around 7 or 8 when my dad would give us little cups of beer from his can. Nowadays I need more than just a little cup.

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