Over the Edge

To me Surly is a brewery that prides itself on pushing the limits of brewing, trying new things.  Unfortunately, on the quest of greatness, sometimes we stumble, pick ourselves up again, brush off the dirt and move on.  This beer is one that Surly tripped over and needs to brush off and move on.  Oh yeah don’t forget to burn the recipe.

 The initial taste of this beer was not too bad, tart cranberries, and a hint of chocolate almost a nice crispness to it, then once you get your first drink down, a nasty tart and bitter aftertaste.  Not a hoppy bitter but that “mom can I try one of the cranberries”  before she cooks them on Thanksgiving day bitter.   After around 5 drinks I was struggling to get this beer down, with 3/4 of the beer left I downed my beer in 2 to 3 big drinks so I didn’t have to suffer the aftertaste anymore.  I have this bad habit of not being able to throw away beer once it is served to me and I want to give each beer a fair shake and at least drink one entire beer to form my conclusions. 

 If you can’t find this beer on tap, don’t worry you are not missing out.  I rated this beer a one just because Surly was gutsy enough to put this on the market.

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