I missed the boat.

But I won’t let it tarnish my perfect record. The Dyers and I took a special trip to the Happy Gnome to taste the elusive Surly 2, only to find out that it was all gone – which must be a testament to it’s amazingness, right? Either way, I can almost guarantee I would have loved it, so I’m giving it 4 stars despite the failure to taste.

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Born and raised in Brew Town, WI (i.e. Milwaukee), I have a natural palette for (mmmm) beer. As I've grown, so has my palette – these days, I love nut brown ales and the darkest of the darks – stouts being among my favorites. If i'm not drinking, I'm designing. Or working on my thesis. MFA 2009, baby, YEAH!

2 thoughts on “I missed the boat.”

  1. It’s still on tap at the Blue Nile, Acadia Cafe, and many other bars that aren’t the Happy Gnome, so you can still find it and try it for real.

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