2 much for me!

Sorry Surly, but not a fan. Most people that I have talked to about this seem to either love or hate this one.  I was sadly one of the haters.  I was really excited to try a cranberry beer and loved the idea of a local bog, but…alas….I will stay clear of this cranberry beer in my future.  Not sure how to even describe my thought process when sipping this bev: too tart, too strong, and too much for me.

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The hubby made me join! :) Seriously, I remember being one of those girls at college basement parties that had to plug my nose and guzzle the beer as fast as I could to taste it as little as possilbe. Now, I'm all growed up and enjoy a good beer every now and then (or possibly as often as I can). Thanks for making this possible Rett!

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