Alternate Beir

A great lager, but only one please.  It’s great body and fine flavor is only killed by the curse that is it’s sweetness.  This is one of the few lagers I’ve had that is full flavored and delicious.  This beer inspires me to find the darkest lager I think that will be the best lager.  Some the best lagers in my mind:  Stella, Lion Imperial, and Coney Island Lager. Beyond the sweetness.  Beyond the syrup sticky sweetness, this beer is a tribute to lagers.  Is it bottled? 

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A homebrewer in Shakopee MN

3 thoughts on “Alternate Beir”

  1. Schwarz beers (or biers) are good dark lagers. Schells dark of course is a fine one too.

    Only bottles at the Herk are growlers…..

  2. Hate to piss on the lager love parade, but alts are fermented with an ale yeast, but cold stored like a lager, so they are really an ale Sorry about that.

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