Full Circle

I can’t believe it’s already time for Schell Snowstorm again. I think Joe is right that this year’s version is better than last year. It’s maltier and while still sweet, it’s not as sickly sweet as last year’s version.

It’s been a fun year of beer tasting and this has been a great forum for sharing opinions about different beers every week. Thank you to all the other reviewers who shared your views on various beers, I learned a lot about beer this year thanks to you. Thanks also to Rett for putting up and maintaining the brew52 site, I know it’s been a burden at times but it’s been fun for me and I know others have enjoyed it as well.

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Throughout college I subscribed to the cheep beer = good times philosophy. For a short while I wandered away from beer for the variety of wines and spirits before realizing I could have the variety I wanted with that great beer taste! Since then I have tried many types of beer from many brewers and I see brew52 as a way to sample great Minnesota brews with like-minded friends.

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