ready for some fries?

Let me be the first to say that the novelty of having a keg of beer at work never wears off. And not just any keg. It’s Summit EPA; it always has been and it always will be. It’s the only authorized Clockwork beer, and it’s become a standard by which my coworkers and I judge and compare most other beers. The only side effect is that I never order a Summit EPA on tap at the bar. It would be like if you always ate really good mashed potatoes for dinner at home. When you go out  to a restaurant, you’ll probably order fries or baked potato or something. Is this analogy a stretch?

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Ok, I'll start with my dirty little secret: the first beer I drank with regularity is Natural Ice, yes, Nattie's ice. I think the reasoning was something like, it's dirt cheap and super alcoholic. Well I've grown up a bit since then, and I actually like the taste of beer. Hence the idea for this site.

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