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Summit EPA is the beer that weaned me off of domestic light lagers and on to a new appreciation of what beer could be. Even better, its still one of my favorite beers after sampling a ton of craft beer offerings the last few years. It’s a great session beer with plenty of hoppyness to keep things interesting. It’s nice to get out there and explore Belgians, imperial IPAs, porters, black lagers and the like, but there’s something about Summit EPA’s chilly embrace that keeps me coming home. Thanks Summit!

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Throughout college I subscribed to the cheep beer = good times philosophy. For a short while I wandered away from beer for the variety of wines and spirits before realizing I could have the variety I wanted with that great beer taste! Since then I have tried many types of beer from many brewers and I see brew52 as a way to sample great Minnesota brews with like-minded friends.

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