ready for some fries?

Let me be the first to say that the novelty of having a keg of beer at work never wears off. And not just any keg. It’s Summit EPA; it always has been and it always will be. It’s the only authorized Clockwork beer, and it’s become a standard by which my coworkers and I judge and compare most other beers. The only side effect is that I never order a Summit EPA on tap at the bar. It would be like if you always ate really good mashed potatoes for dinner at home. When you go out  to a restaurant, you’ll probably order fries or baked potato or something. Is this analogy a stretch?

Gateway Beer

Summit EPA is the beer that weaned me off of domestic light lagers and on to a new appreciation of what beer could be. Even better, its still one of my favorite beers after sampling a ton of craft beer offerings the last few years. It’s a great session beer with plenty of hoppyness to keep things interesting. It’s nice to get out there and explore Belgians, imperial IPAs, porters, black lagers and the like, but there’s something about Summit EPA’s chilly embrace that keeps me coming home. Thanks Summit!

The old reliable Twin Cities metro area beer

The reason I say this is that, usually, no matter where you go in the TC,  you can at least get yourself a Summit EPA.  I take advantage of this when I end up at bars/restaurants that have limited beer selections.  The Summit EPA, to me, is what Grain Belt Premium is to a lot of people.  The EPA is not a world-class talent, but it sure beats the pants off of the typical bland domestic light beers.  It is versatile enough to appeal to the light beer crowd, but is hoppy and flavorful enough for those like me that would rather take a punch in the teeth than to be stuck sipping a Bud, Miller, Coors, Busch, or Michelob.  A reliable old friend that can be counted on to be there for me when others don’t show up, that’s my Summit EPA.