Winter at it’s best

Summit Winter has a strong look (a very dark brew), a strong smell (heavy malts, caramel and hops) and a strong taste (thick and a little flat). As I write this review it’s 3 below outside and somehow that make this beer more enjoyable. As a newcomer to the “winter” genre of beers I feel like this Summit must be a good example to judge other “winters” by, but I invite the more experienced members to suggest other worthy contenders.

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Throughout college I subscribed to the cheep beer = good times philosophy. For a short while I wandered away from beer for the variety of wines and spirits before realizing I could have the variety I wanted with that great beer taste! Since then I have tried many types of beer from many brewers and I see brew52 as a way to sample great Minnesota brews with like-minded friends.

3 thoughts on “Winter at it’s best”

  1. Don’t let anyone fool you, this is a heavy brown ale, and a fine one at that. For a good sense of what a “winter beer” is, I would sample the lot, and see what you like. I think winter beers should push the envelope, what ever the hell that means…Anchor Xmas is perhaps one of the finer winter beers out there; put a couple away until next year if you can. Never Summer from Boulder, Redhook’s Winterhook, and maybe Goose Island’s winter are good representatives of the variety of the style–and are all completley different. I brewed my first winter beer this year, the Medic-ale, which I added honey, chocolate, fresh ginger, coriander and maybe some other stuff, and it was great ale.

  2. Oh and duh, don’t forget about Lake Superior’s “Old Man Winter,” Schell’s “Snowstorm,”and any other Mn Beers around…..:)

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