There are times when I don’t like to think and drink

Thanks to Summit Winter, I don’t have to. It’s perfect for the season. I would give it 5 stars, but I need to reserve a .5 in case we get to the Oatmeal Stout.

On a side note, (which should probably be my main note since it’s longer than my review) I went to Memory Lanes last week and asked for one on tap. To my shock, they had already changed out their seasonal to Maibock. Beer isn’t fashion – I don’t need the spring styles in winter. As much as I hate it, winter lasts through March 21. I want my Summit Winter on tap through then and don’t want to see Maibock until Mai.

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I like beer. Really good beer, like Keystone and Keystone Light. No, not really. My tastes lean toward small label "microbrews", though I don't know if a nationally distributed beer like Bell's counts as a microbrew. But yeah, gimme a New Glarus, Summit or Surly over a PBR (oooh, it's so hipster blue collar!) anyday.

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