I do not like Summit and so did not try this one.  I order that on my own and will only drink it if it’s in a keg and I don’t have a choice, or I am offered the drink and don’t have a choice.

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I like long walks on the beach. Candlelight dinners. Chocolate and Flowers. Oh Yuck. I do not. What I like it to come home from work and open a beer. Then I like to drink that amber brew down and on most occasions have another one. Usually I will drink any kind of beer, so my reviews will seem plain and useless, but so what.

4 thoughts on “Summit..blah”

  1. Dood! I’m baffled by your review! Not one Summit style? Not even the Grand on a hot summer day? Tell me more…I think all their beers are so different, some better, some worse, but different.

  2. If you didn’t try it, you can’t have an opinion on it, and therefore aren’t allowed to review it! Seems so simple.

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