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I feel bad. Last winter I was all about the winter ales, I loved the Sam Adams Winter, Summit Winter, and Red Hook Winter Hook.  This year, though, I don’t like them at all, its as if I’ve regressed as a beer drinker.

Most winter beers that I drink now have too much spice and raisin taste to them, and this weeks Summit is just that. Too much raisin and spice and not enough bitter hop taste.

I should probably be rating this beer based on the fact that its trying to taste like a winter ale, and not Surly’s Furious. In that regard, I do give this beer high marks. The taste is not overpowering and the aroma is subtle enough to make me keep smelling (ask Erin if you don’t believe me).

That, and I just have nothing but love for Summit (how can you not??).

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Ben R

I started drinking beer when I was around 7 or 8 when my dad would give us little cups of beer from his can. Nowadays I need more than just a little cup.

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