Smokey, light wintry goodness

Summit northern porter is filled with wonderful!  I grabbed one after work and couldn’t wait to pour a beer after getting home.  Maybe it is just getting extra props for being picked at the start of the cold season, but I am really enjoying this beer even while writing this post.  I think the beer could use a little more body, I’m a fan of how guinness tastes like a meal and feel like that is more how a winter beer should be which is why it lost half a star.  I dont even know if a porter is supposed to be a winter beer, it just tastes like one but light and smooth as well.  The smoky flavor it has is great as well, this is a perfect beer for just chillin and enjoying beer.

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Hi, my names dave, and I'm a canadian. Imported to this country for just the simple purpose of tasting these great beers and comparing them to those at home. Or some such... actually I just like beer and know nothing about rating it, so I'm in this for fun.

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