Just Like Kentucky!

Barley John’s Dark Knight Returns, despite the silly name is actually my favorite brew at Barley John’s. Unfortunately, unlike many, I have not been a big fan of Barley John’s. I do like this brew though.Served in a small glass, the aroma in some ways stronger than the 13.5% alcohol in the beer itself. Straight away, it tastes less like a beer and more like a bourbon drink. It reminded me of Louisville’s Bluegrass Brewing Company‘s Jefferson Reserve Bourbon Barrel Stout, just stronger. Did I say this tastes like bourbon?

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I took last autumn off from drinking. Now I'm ready to have a different brew every week. I live in Minneapolis and work in the eastern suburbs. I travel a bunch and eat too much pizza. I write sometimes, take some photos and Twitter. I'm a pilot and dig a lot of music. I'm an Internet junkie and I probably comment on your blog.

Photo by Bo Hakala

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