The hops define this beer

The extra hoppiness contributes wonderfully to the overall flavor character of this beer.  It has the look and initial similarities to the other Oktoberfest beers, but the extra hop kick puts Surlyfest miles ahead of the competition, at least in my book.  I felt like the aroma was a little like an old dishrag, leaving me thinking that I might not have washed my beer glasses properly, but, no, it was the beer.  That would be my only dislike about this beer.  Otherwise, the Surly boys have brewed up another winner.  The can design is a beautiful touch as well. 

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Joe Lunchpail

I used to be a typical Bud/Busch/Michelob guy. Whatever's cold, right?! (I grew up in a town of 690) However, around my final year of college, I developed tastebuds and soon began to whistle a different tune. My fridge now usually contains about 5-7 different beers at any given time, and I'll be dipped in dog doo if you can find a domestic light beer in there. My tastes are more inclined to the dark side, with Stouts and Black Lagers being my favorites, generally speaking, though I have developed a love for IPAs as well.

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