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says You’re nothing but Bad News Bears, Surly Furious.

January 20th, 2008

I should have listened when everyone tried to tell me that you were bad news. “Don’t fall for it,” they all said. “Surly Furious will just string you along and then leave you high and dry.” I didn’t listen, though. “Oh, they just don’t see what I see in you,” I thought to myself. “Deep down inside lies a sensitive soul just waiting for the right girl to bring it out.”

Wrong! You’re bitter. Unpredictable as in undependable. You left a bad taste in my mouth for a long, long time. You’re strong and aggressive, but not in a hot “I’ll man-handle you” way. More in a rude, offensive, “I wish I would have worn a less-revealing top tonight” way.

Nothing but Bad News Bears, Surly Furious…that’s all you are. This is one bad boy I don’t want to tame.


  1. Eric said

    Don’t cast aside the entire Surly family just yet. Whilst all members are indeed an odd pack, you may find Furious’ younger brother Bender, or perhaps the aptly named Mild, more to your liking….

  2. Aaron said

    I agree with Eric; well said. I had different, cask pulled Surly of some sort and it was much, much more to my liking.

  3. Amber said

    Ooh…I do have a thing for brothers, Eric. And yes, I am determined to find a Surly that I enjoy…if I have to read about Surly constantly in every MPLS publication, I might as well have some sort of fond affiliation to it.

  4. al said

    Give CynicAle a try, come summertime!

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