I’ve tried this beer numerous times, and each time I’ve wondered what I’m not getting, that something about Furious is going right over my head. I bought another 4 pack at the beginning of January before I found out that it was the week 4 beer.

The first two beers of four, I had the same reaction; something about the hops is just off. Not bad, but for me, it’s something different. The best I can explain it is “green”. It tastes green.

What other beer has Simcoe, Warrior, or Ahtanum in it? If I could break those apart on a hop-by-hop basis, I’d for sure find the hop that is pushing through. I’ve got an all Amarillo pale right now, so I don’t think it’s that. What do I know, though?

The third out of the pack, I thought, hey, this is pretty good, but then my review beer, beer four, I was back to where I started–with a tongue full of hops, but no greater appreciation for this beloved Minnesota beer. Sad.

Would I drink it again? Of course. I’m not that stupid.

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Beer, beer, I like beer. In the morning, in the evening, while I'm sleeping. It's tough to drink when I'm asleep, though.

9 thoughts on “Undetermined”

  1. Town Hall has an all-Simcoe pale ale on right now. Ahtanum reminds me of Cascade. I’ve never drank it in a single-hop beer. I did an all Warrior pale ale a while back and didn’t care for it. I’d be willing to bet that it’s either the Simcoe (some people don’t like it, but I dig it) or the Warrior that’s throwing you off…

  2. Town Hall also did a Warrior IPA in the summer of 2006 that I loved. You can also catch a Warrior IPA from Lefthand still on store shelves. I guess I’m a sucker for that one.
    Some day I’ll ask that Haug guy why he picked the hops he did…there’s some method to his madness.

  3. I’m not sure how Todd makes up the hop bill for this one, but I’ve made a pale ale that was a 50-50 mix of Amarillo and Simcoe throughout (bittering, flavor and aroma) and it was really good… similar to a Furious Jr. In any case, I bet the addition of Ahtanum and Warrior rounds things out and makes it more complex.

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