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says Surly, my love.

January 25th, 2008

This week I find myself at a loss for clever words and a witty evaluation of Surly’s Furious. In fact, all I need are two succinct words to assert my feelings: loved it. However, as a designer, I must shout out to Surly – dude, what’s up with the can?! 

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  1. Rett said

    Do you have beef with the can? I’m planning on commenting on the design in my review so I’ll hold off with my thoughts until then…

  2. atankgirl said

    YES! This can has no relation to the beer inside and holds strong resemblance to an energy drink. One simple but significant change would be the dominant red color — couldn’t it be more of an amber/brown?

  3. HopScotch said

    Yup, the can sucks.

    Let’s play blokus!

  4. al said

    Furious IS red. I pour the stuff every day. Nowhere near brown.
    I’ve heard the energy drink comparison enough, and I just don’t see it …is it the flames?
    If you’re gonna have a tall, shiny metal can, you might look like an energy drink, especially if your aim is to look cool, and edgy.

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