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January 21st, 2008

Surly Furious is, hands down, the best Minnesota brew that is produced year round.
Thinking about its hoppy goodness brings a tear of happiness to my eye.

Good Stuff.

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  1. Aaron said

    I have to chime in, I don’t think you can say that Surly Furious is the best, hands down… it’s great if you love a ton ton ton of hops but I think there’s a lot of other, in my opinion, better beers. Over 48 beers to go yet…

  2. al said

    Sure she can.

  3. Kassie said

    There are seasonal beers that I may end up liking more, but I can’t think of a single MN beer that I can get year round that I like better. This is my favorite go-to beer.

  4. Kassie said

    Oh, and I love a ton ton ton of hops.

  5. ryan said

    I have to break down my favorites into styles, but I will say that this is one of my favorite IPAs in Minnesota… It’s a hard call between Furious, Town Hall’s Masala Mama and Fitger’s El Nino. Masala Mama gets a slight edge in my book since it’s available on cask most of the time, but they’re all good beers.

  6. Aaron said

    al- I guess the argument would go that nobody can really say any beer is the “best, hands down.” (Although you can say a beer is “[my] favorite, hands down.”)

    As many have pointed out already, if you love hops, Surly Furious is a great beer. As others have also pointed out, if you like a bit more balance and different ingredients and flavors to come out, there’s more favorable alternatives in some opinions.

  7. al said

    opinions are always subjective. there is no best, only “most favored”, or “my favorite”…that is what she meant, of course.

    I do get some balance from Furious, but the hops certainly tilt forward. There are other flavors to be found, if you “see through” the hops. Some don’t/can’t. But they’re there.

    As this week is showing, Furious is a love it or hate it beer. I prefer to love.

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