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says So Much Better On Tap; Still Quite Good In The Can

January 23rd, 2008

Every Surly I’ve had tastes totally different on tap. The furious is amazing on tap. A revelation to a beer drinker. The smell of citrus, the aroma is wonderful. Then the hops hit you, and it tastes like a real beer, not one of those wheat beers that I’m embarrased to admit I like.

In the can; it’s good and borders on great, but it just isn’t quite there. I’m not sure why. I love the first taste, and the second, but when I get to the bottom of the glass, it’s just not as fantastic as I imagine it.

I’ve had it in a Gremlin Growler, and it’s much closer to the tap flavor there. Either way, this is a damn good beer. If you don’t like your beer to have flavor, you’ll hate Surly. That’s why it’s called Surly, not Girly.

UPDATE: Thanks to Eric for correcting my use of the word “Gremlin.”  This is why you shouldn’t review a Surly immediately after drinking it.

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  1. Eric said

    Gremlin? You mean growler?

  2. Chad said

    I like Gremlin better.

  3. Eric said

    Admittedly, I did spend about 10 minutes on google, trying to see if maybe a gremlin was some sort keg system I had never heard of. It’s of course not, but it is suggested that the word “gremlin” is derived from goblins who supposedly lived in beer bottles of the brand Kremlin.

  4. Scott said

    I was wondering if you were advocating for drinking and driving. At least it wasn’t in a Pinto.

  5. al said

    I was pretty confused, there, too. Had me thinking of “Green Eggs & Ham”…would you, would you in a Gremlin…would you, would you with a …Femlin?”
    (that’s what Leroy Neiman called the little spot drawings of cartoon playmates that appeared in Playboy…it’s the only thing I can think of that rhymes with Gremlin!)

  6. DeRushaJ said

    I see I need to make a mistake in order to generate comments. Cool. I’ll use that strategy every week.

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