I gotta stop reading the label first

The problem is this…I poured my Surly in a glass (like is says on the can), took a sip and thought “mmm, Summit Extra Pale Ale-y”, which was confirmed by the hoppy goodness I read about on the side of the can. Then I got to the part about citrus and pine. And I thought, “I don’t want pine in my beer! What retard would infuse beer with pine?!” and started sniffing the glass and combing my palate for some sort of piney aftertaste. I just want to drink and enjoy the beer on its own merits without outside influence. So from now on, no more reading about the beer until review time.

¬†Considering that the Furious didn’t go down in one sitting (it probably took an hour from start to finish during various chores), I wasn’t excited about it as I thought. However, I would like to try another out at a bar in a social setting to see how I feel about it. I like Surly for their design, the brand they’ve built so far and general chutzpah for starting a brewery and for me that goes a long way.¬†

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I like beer. Really good beer, like Keystone and Keystone Light. No, not really. My tastes lean toward small label "microbrews", though I don't know if a nationally distributed beer like Bell's counts as a microbrew. But yeah, gimme a New Glarus, Summit or Surly over a PBR (oooh, it's so hipster blue collar!) anyday.

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