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January 21st, 2008

Furious is definitely not your everyday session beer (well I suppose there are some out there crazy enough that it is). But when you are in the mood for an overly hopped beer than it definitely fits the bill. First thing when popping a can of this is to take in the smell as its a big one. Though it has loads of hop flavor Surly manages a way to also make it not overly harsh on your tongue.

The one thing I’m most impressed with Surly is the way they have managed their branding, from the name, tying themselves into a strong bike culture in the area, going with the pint sized cans, the logos and names of the beers, just all the little things that have really catapulted this brand to the top of the craft brewing industry.

This is one of my favorite hop heavy beers and I’ll give it a score to show that.


  1. Rett said

    I love that you mention the branding, because that is such an important part of Surly’s success. Sure the beer is great, but you don’t form the kind of following that Surly has without a strong brand. Also, it’s worth mentioning that they’ve used great custom artwork too, like this poster by my friend Adam Turman.

  2. al said

    BTW, if you ever want to see folks employing Furious as their session beer of choice, stop by the Blue Nile during happy hour.

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