Do stroll through forests. Don’t be a fanboy.

Hoppy as hell, and delicious as hell if that’s your thing. But the canned version doesn’t do Furious its full justice.

Out of the tap, it’s like eating a grapefruit while strolling through an evergreen forest. Out of the can it’s bitter Fresca. So do this: Go to a bar that has Furious on tap and get it alongside a plate of extra-spicy Buffalo wings. Bring a spare pair of knickers.

Though I must insist, Furious’s awesomenessness doesn’t justify standing like a rube next to a biffy at the ass end of an mile-long line to the Surly brew review table to the neglect of every other beer on the premises. You know who you are.

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Long time drinker, first time caller.

4 thoughts on “Do stroll through forests. Don’t be a fanboy.”

  1. While not trying to justify spending $406 for a bottle of beer, Darkness out of a bottle is hands down the best beer I’ve ever had.

  2. Maybe the buyer had loads of extra cash and really didn’t mind it going to charity, either?
    A lot of people around the world want a bottle of Darkness…that guy only knew one way to be sure to get one!

  3. Now you’re on the trolley. I think a spare pair of knickers is the best idea you’ve ever had.

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