…and don’t call me Surly

This beer pours a purdy ruby/copper color with a a nice think tan head. Lots of citrus in the nose, with some notes of resin-y pine and an aroma I can only describe as Hawaiian Punch-like that’s all in the Simcoe hops. I loves me teh Simcoes! A deeper sniff (or six) pulls out some nice, caramel malts. I can totally understand if people don’t catch this because this is a super hoppy beer throughout… huge bittering hops, huge flavor hops and huge hop aroma. Yup. More caramel sweetness and lots of citrus come through in the flavor. Yum!

It’s funny… two years ago when they debuted this beer at Winterfest, I couldn’t get over the hops… now I sit here on my couch and can’t help but notice the malt sweetness. In any case, a nice, local hoppy HOPPY beer. Good in the can, better on tap, best in a pin or firkin.

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I'm one of the lucky ones... I was drinking Minnesota craft beer before I probably should have been doing so... that's not to say that I wasn't drinking Old Style as well, but we won't talk about that... I'm the founder of MNBeer.com and a hardcore advocate of local craft brew. I like to brew beer as well. I also like to ride bikes, but that has nothing to do with beer, so I guess I'll shut up and drink.

2 thoughts on “…and don’t call me Surly”

  1. Last night, I poured the first pint of Tea-bagged Cask Furious from a pin, and soaked in the luxurious hop aroma before giving it to the customer, remembered how much I adore it ( and I am not a cask beer nut)…thought of putting a pint aside for myself, but before I knew it, the remains of the pin had gone all yeasty, and unpalatable. No beer for me! Sucks…but I had plenty of Two, that’s not too shabby!

  2. I am typically a fan of cask beer, and the first time I had Furious on cask the smell alone made me gag, like putting a wad of decomposing grass in front of me. Way too earthy. It really surprised me, since Furious is so darn complex and yummy otherwise.

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