American hop training beer

Want to know what tons and tons of Cascade and other American hops taste like? Well here it is. Lingers on your palette long after your last sip. From my review on it:

The hops assault you with a black pepper and pine spice, followed by a surge of citrus(grapefruit mostly). I noted a toffee and bread taste from the malt. You get a taste of alcohol at the finish, and its gin-like in complexity, probably my favorite part about this beer. Something about this beer always makes me describe it as “chewy”, I think its because you’re left smacking your lips with the long aftertaste. This beer just seems to stick to your palate, lingering at the top of our mouth and sides of your tongue. Its quite an intense experience, and an enjoyable one at that.  If you really enjoy this, try to track down some of Bells “Hopslam”.

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  1. Just so you know, Cascade is not among the hops in Furious. It’s Simcoe, Warrior, Ahtanum, and, …Amarillo? (I think.) But no Cascade.

  2. Summit Extra Pale Ale and Lake Superior Special Ale are nice example of a local beers with Cascades…

    Al, I’m pretty sure you’re dead-on on the hop bill.

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