Say no to pumpkin ales

Fall kicks ass. This year especially because it means I don’t have to water my new sod twice a day any more. And of course because of all the great seasonal beers. No not the Pumpkin ales, although I always buy a couple 6 packs, and I’m always a little dissapointed. I’m talking about Octoberfest.

I really enjoyed Summit’s Oktoberfest. I could definitely taste the higher alcohol content, but it went down smooth and toasty. We’ll see how Surlyfest which I’m about to taste here in a minute, and Schells Octoberfest taste in comparison.

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Ok, I'll start with my dirty little secret: the first beer I drank with regularity is Natural Ice, yes, Nattie's ice. I think the reasoning was something like, it's dirt cheap and super alcoholic. Well I've grown up a bit since then, and I actually like the taste of beer. Hence the idea for this site.

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  1. Thanks for the suggestion flash. I’ll keep it in mind for my next liquor store visit. I honestly do want to find a pumpkin ale that I really like.

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