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says Red Hearted

September 2nd, 2008

I’m muddling my way through a six-pack and things have been getting progressively better.  My first bottle was with dinner one night and the taste was a bit too astringent.  I don’t recall what I was eating, but my guess is that the food didn’t feel that I should be drinking a beer so the two flavors proceeded to fight.   I brought in a Bell’s Two Hearted to quell the riot.  It worked.  For the record, I mixed the two at a ratio of approximately 2/3 Two-Hearted to 1/3 Mesabi Red (perhaps a bit more Red, wasn’t measuring).  The end result was very surprising and tasted better than the Red alone. 

 For what it’s worth, the other bottles of Mesabi Red have been satisfactory.  Not my favorite,  just good. 

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says Mesabi Yousabi

August 30th, 2008

Well it’s malty, but quite good. Comes on with a sweet malt taste and finishes with a fruity hop bitterness. Overall a good beer… especially after a long day at work. Similar to Schell’s firebrick, but I think lake superior does it better.