A Great Beer for a Rock Bottom Price

Given the name of this brew and without any information on what type of beer it was, I wasn’t sure what to expect last night when we tried out the new Rock Bottom creation. One good tip for putting the reviewer’s mind in the right place is to give the beer away for free. Good call Rock Bottom.

I really liked this beer since it is very similar to an IPA (a style I always enjoy) but it adds the unique rye taste that sets it apart from the rest. I will definitely have another one on my next trip to Rock Bottom but I won’t try to fight the traffic to get there before 6:00.

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Throughout college I subscribed to the cheep beer = good times philosophy. For a short while I wandered away from beer for the variety of wines and spirits before realizing I could have the variety I wanted with that great beer taste! Since then I have tried many types of beer from many brewers and I see brew52 as a way to sample great Minnesota brews with like-minded friends.

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