See…organic can be tasty!

All it takes is crafting from the right person’s (Jeff’s) hands.  Angry Planet is a beautiful copper color, reminiscent of many an IPA.  There was sufficient head, enough so that the server had to pour some off, and a mild hoppy-sweet aroma.  With a creamy feel in the mouth and just enough hops to make my taste buds smile without going over the edge this is a winner in my book. 

I’m lazy… but I drank this beer this weekend so…

So I actually had the double dry-hopped, cask-conditioned version of this beer on Saturday at Great Taste of the Midwest in Madison. I think it’s a nice, multi-dimensional pale ale, and the fact that it’s organic is cool too. It’s crisp, just a bit caramel-y and hoppy but not extremely hoppy. Nice, floral… grapefruit. A good drinker. Yum.

moral success

Angry Planet is nothing flashy or groundbreaking.  I was concerned because every organic beer I’ve had until now has provided me with a raging headache almost immediately.  Did not happen this time though!  Organic….meh, great, but in this case the taste matters more than how good I feel about the ingredients.  It’s ok, not too much of anything – hops, malt or otherwise.  Just right….or just enough.  Sure not to offend anyone.