Why doesn’t it taste like EPA?

Just to clarify (or beer-dorkify), Belgian Pale Ale, in itself, is a style of beer. If you’re expecting a blend of Summit Extra Pale Ale and Chimay, you’ll probably be disappointed…

That being said, Flat Earth’s Belgian Pale Ale pours a clear copper color with a slightly off-white head and tons of sticky lacing on the sides of the glass. Give it a sniff and you might catch some spice, Belgian yeast and some caramely sweetness. Biscuity malts definitely come through in the flavor as well as more yeast and spice. Very drinkable. Drunkable, in fact.

We managed to kick one of Al’s kegs at the Blue Nile on my wife Dawn’s 30th birthday. Given the selection of good beer at the ‘Nile, I hadn’t really planned on drinking the stuff all night (though the Surly one was 9% abv, so this was probably a safer option), but once I got started, I just kind of fell for the stuff.

If you get a chance, stop by the brewery for a tour sometime. Jeff and Cathie Williamson (some of you might remember Jeff from Town Hall) put their hearts and souls into this brewery, and it comes through. Good work!

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I'm one of the lucky ones... I was drinking Minnesota craft beer before I probably should have been doing so... that's not to say that I wasn't drinking Old Style as well, but we won't talk about that... I'm the founder of MNBeer.com and a hardcore advocate of local craft brew. I like to brew beer as well. I also like to ride bikes, but that has nothing to do with beer, so I guess I'll shut up and drink.

2 thoughts on “Why doesn’t it taste like EPA?”

  1. >>>>>Just to clarify (or beer-dorkify), Belgian Pale Ale, in itself, is a style of beer.<<<<<

    Thanks for pointing this out. I was trying to be far too clever in my review to do so…

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