The other white meat

It seems that most of the buzz in the beer world coming out of Minnesota is about Surly brewing but I think a lot of people are overlooking a great new brewery in Flat Earth. I’ve been able to taste test nearly all the beers they have brewed to date and there hasn’t been one yet that I didn’t like. The Belgian Pale Ale, being their first in a year round release, does not disappoint. I really think it does just what the name implies. It combines the best of a Belgian beer with just the hint of the pale ale. The taste doesn’t really jump your bones but is rather quite subtle and enjoyable. And the best part is after you pour a pint for yourself you can go back for seconds because of the nice big bottle 🙂

I had the lightbox up and running so I took a pic.

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A legal drinker for the past 7 years I've definitely grown from an everyday high life drinker to now an every other day high life drinker with local and national micro brews thrown in on the off days. Favorite beers: Miller High Life, Rush River Bubblejack IPA, Summit Oatmeal Stout, Delirium Tremens, Town Hall Masala Mama, New Glarus Belgian Red, Three Floyds Dreadnaught Imperial IPA, Surly Furious, Barley John's the Dark Knight, Ommegang Abbey Ale, and a host of others.

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