Smooth, snappy sessioner

Jeff Williamson/pitching malt and yeast all day/ fine ale his reward…there you go, haiku #2, love it or leave it.The flagship of the Flat Earth line, one I’ve had many times on tap, and enjoy now from a bottle. Poured into my latest favorite Belgian tulip, a clear amber color, with a huge, frothy off-white head.  A sweet, malty aroma, nutty, some citrus. Slightly sour, with pithy citrus zest getting bigger. Crisp, smooth,  and tasty on the tongue.  Moderate hops, medium bodied, distinctive flavor. A little cherry in there, a little apple,  a touch of lemon, it’s coming from the malt, which also donates a warm, bready feel. Feels good in the mouth, without overpowering the senses in any way. I’m beginning to like this more and more, and it really fits a nice untouched niche here in the twin towns. Want a English stye pale ale, you’ve got Summit EPA. Want to blow up your palate with hops? Surly Furious. This is for the session drinker, the right partner for dinner, (they provide several suggestions on the label, but today it’s working just fine with my pork chops)…and compares favorably with the over-hyped New Belgium Fat Tire. Someday I’ll do a side by side and see where the two stack up! I do wish I could taste more yeast in this, but that’s been my only quibble so far. 

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