Seems to be a little of everything

This brew really is all mixed up. I guess that might be what you expect from something thats a belgin and a pale ale. It had a pretty thick texture and a mix of fruity taste with nice hoppy flavor. The strong flavor was a bit of a surprise, it reminded me a lot of that beer I helped make where the fuggle (end brewing hops) got left out. Almost no beer aroma at all but a decently strong flavor when you get to drinking.

It was still a bit sweet also but not nearly as much as the honey beers which was what made it drinkable, but for the most part I felt it was just a fairly average drink.

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Hi, my names dave, and I'm a canadian. Imported to this country for just the simple purpose of tasting these great beers and comparing them to those at home. Or some such... actually I just like beer and know nothing about rating it, so I'm in this for fun.

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