Not bad, but not great either.

Nothing really jumped out at me and nothing really discouraged me with this beer. The first drink was okay but, I just became bored by the time I got half way through the beer.  I just kept feeling can I be done with this beer so I can try something else?  I am not really a big fan of Belgian beers – too sweet for me.  So, for me to give this style a beer a glowing review it would really have to jump out at me which this did not thus only 3 stars.  I have met the brewer who seems like a good fellow with a good product, I was more impressed with some of his other brews.

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Spending long days oiling the wheels of the corporate machine makes a guy thirsty. A beer a week is the perfect way to stay hydrated. Winter is my favorite time of year, skiing, hockey, and anything else involving the white stuff. Dabbling in aviation and I enjoy my boat in the summer!

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