Like a punctured Earth…

If I could take all the things I love about the other Flat beer, Flat Tire, mix it with a smooth yet yeasty aftertaste add a mix of ambiguous flavors and gently let a beer maiden churn the fruits and oats into sublimeness, I would say it comes close to Flat Earth Belgium Pale Ale. Why close? Because like every good American I have a short attention span, pleasure seeker—although I can watch a whole soccer match. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the excellence of the Pale Ale but I want something different, the next best Flat beer and surely this doesn’t keep me from glancing around for the next beer maiden and her trusty fruit and oats.

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I'm a graphic designer by day and an aging hippy by night. By I definitely enjoy watching movies, listening to music, talking typography, doing crosswords and reading comics. Much LUV, Rich

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