Flat Earth Lives Up To It’s Name

I enjoyed this bottle of Flat Earth Brewing Belgian-Style Pale Ale last night. When pouring it, the beer seemed a bit flat. Tasting it at first reminded me of many homebrew beers I’ve tasted. It is a bit flat, but it’s very smooth… and the bit of taste it does have, which is hoppy, ends fast. It goes down easy even though it’s a bit bitter (for the better). I split this beer with Dave, who gave this face after a good swig of it. He called it his “hops face.” He added, “besides the hops, it doesn’t have a lot of flavor.” Overall, it’s not bad, but not that special either, in my opinion. I said, “I’d give this beer three stars,” and he agreed with me.

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I took last autumn off from drinking. Now I'm ready to have a different brew every week. I live in Minneapolis and work in the eastern suburbs. I travel a bunch and eat too much pizza. I write sometimes, take some photos and Twitter. I'm a pilot and dig a lot of music. I'm an Internet junkie and I probably comment on your blog.

Photo by Bo Hakala

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