Flat Earth, Full Taste

Being a huge fan of IPAs and Pale Ale’s, I was wondering how this would compare to some of my favorites. I really like this beer! I enjoy hoppy beers, but the medium level of hops in this beer is a nice refreshing change to the super-hoppy ones. There is just the right amount of everything in this beer: the hops level, the orange tastes, and the toasted-ness.

The brewer says that it is inspired by (among others) Fat Tire. Let me tell you, I have drank many a beer from New Belgium Brewery and love their brews. But Fat Tire is my least favorite of theirs. Flat Earth’s Belgian Pale Ale far surpasses Fat Tire. Makes me proud to be a Minnesotan!

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When I was younger, I didn't really understand beer. I usually just ordered an MGD, but never really liked it. Then I met my husband. He and his family introduced me to the good stuff, and now I'm a bit of a beer snob. I'm a sucker for Colorado microbrews and IPAs.

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