I had a realization after my first sip of this Belgian Pale Ale: I’m not a fan of the style. I had one a month or so ago and was surprised that I didn’t really like it, blaming in on the brewery being relatively new and still working the kinks out. But then I had the newest offering from Brau Brothers Brewing, the Frame Straightener, also a Belgian Pale, and my reaction was the same: eh. It did get a little better towards the end of the bottle, after my palate had warmed, or maybe because I knew I had a Furious waiting for me.

That being said, I suppose it’s a pretty good representative of the style. The Belgian yeast comes through the mellow hops, and isn’t overwhelmed by the malts. And I guess that’s what I miss. I prefer a little more sugar in my Belgians, a little more comlexity, an ABV closer to eight or nine percent. Sure, you could have 2 or 3 of the FE Pale Ales, but after one, I was ready for something a little more interesting.

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4 thoughts on “Eh.”

  1. Don’t let any Brau Brothers influence anything. Just a personal note I suppose. Try a few more breweries before writing Belgians off – maybe try La Fin Du Mond, you might be pleasantly surprised!

  2. I wasn’t all that crazy about Frame Straightener.
    You’ve got to really try the true Begians before you write off the style, or the great American interpreters like Ommegang or Allegash.


  3. By style I meant the Belgian Pale Ale, not all Belgians, god forbid! The Straightener and the FE are very similar, as is the Fat Tire. Maybe this is a coincident and they all call themselves “Pale Ales,” but whatever, I guess I just don’t like them. Ommegang and Allegash are regulars in my Fridge, as are Duvel, Chimay, Koenings hoeven, Kwak, etc. I have a Triple and a Saison brewing right now, so I can say with a fair amount of confidence that the FE and Straightener are hardly representative of Belgian ales!

  4. Why shouldn’t the Brau Brothers influence anything? Dustin’s been making some solid beers for quite some time?

    I like Frame Straightener and Flat Earth Belgian Pale Ale… much better than Fat Tire. I’d put them both on or near the level of Ommegang Rare Vos, without the fancy glassware. 🙂

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