Does the “Flat Earth Society” still exist?

I heard about this group once from an old middle school science teacher. I’d like to meet one of these people who still truly believe that the earth is not round. I admire someone who sticks to their beliefs even in the face of science. Those silly facts.

That being said, I admit I like this beer. It’s not what I was expecting from a Belgian. There was a sweetness to it that threw me for a loop; I was expecting something more fruity but I got a little slap across the face full of caramel instead. Its a very drinkable beer. Roadblock: I had one that I thought was a little flat, so I tried a second and found that to be the same. I’m going to stick to my guns though, even in the face of the carbonation I yearn for.

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If I've drank Blatz, and enjoyed it, am I still allowed to do this?

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  1. i like how all´╗┐ videos say btotles and stuff can be purchased at your local homebrew shop , seriously i lived in ATL and Charl. NC, bot major cities and havent found anything remotely close to thess so called homebrew shop

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