I don’t particularly care for many of the beers that fall under the “red” distinction. Regardless, I tried “Life” a couple of years ago and was happy to see it return again. This doesn’t taste like a typical Irish Red. The malt profile seems to be more complex – slightly toasty, almost earthy. Despite the alcohol content, this beer isn’t “Hot” or strongly alcoholic. Overall very nice.

Double the ABV, Double the Fun, Double Rett’s Volume

Town Hall’s Double American Red Ale is a great beer. It doesn’t taste that alcoholic, like an Imperial Stout might, but you can definitely feel the effects when you’re half way through the glass. This beer had a clean, hoppy taste that I really enjoyed.

Rett may have been talking a little loud but it was still hard to hear him over the other conversations, traffic noise and the sound of my brain cells absorbing this beer. Maybe that’s where the term “buzz” comes from.

Life has been known to cause loud talking

What I remember most about Life was that this close-t0-8% drink gave me a great buzz. With a Lingonberry Milk Porter in my belly, and a Life in my hand everything was perfect. For a while there I think I was talking pretty loud, and not having seen Josh in a while we covered all sorts of ground. From my surprise at the $6.99 video game rental price tag when my young bro-in-law was visiting, to my love and his distaste for Triumph motorcycles. At one point I looked over and saw that there was a table full of young women with a cute little baby, and I realized that I should probably turn the volume down a bit, and lay off of the swear words. Oh well, I guess the little fella will learn them sooner or later.