The return of the lingonberry

By some strange, but good, curveball thrown by the beer gods I was able to try this brew over the weekend (August 23 to be exact) while at Town Hall for pint club.  Not sure if they ran across some extra or purposely reserved some.  Either way, I was mighty excited to be able to give this a try.  Unfortunately, even with a beautiful raspberry brown color staring out at me from the glass and a cranberry raspberry aroma wafting up I was disappointed.  There was not as much overall flavor and not as much tartness as I had expected.  The lactose was evident and that was pleasant.  I’m still glad I got to try it but now less disappointed than I had been previously about missing it in July.  I think with some work, this could be a good beer.  I’m hoping they’ll try it again in the future.

Lingonberry with a touch of Milk Porter

This was my first Milk Porter and I wish I could evaluate the style but the lingonberry aftertaste was so strong that it really was hard to evaluate. This is a smooth beer with a very sour, but not hoppy, aftertaste making for a unique drinking experience. Rett and I sampled this right after work while sitting at Town Hall’s patio on a beautiful summer day so that may skew my review more positively. I might order this beer again next time they have it but certainly not two in one sitting.

Few infusions

Luckily, I was able to snag two of the Infusion series beers before they ran out.  The raspberry stout was already gone.  The chocolate milk porter was almost a meal by itself and may have been great topped with whipped cream.  The lingonberry milk porter, I would describe as a not-too-bitter milk porter with a hint of berries at the end. Tart, but definitely not overpowering.  I don’t think I noticed the berries right away because I blew my palate away with chips and guac before hand. 

Like a smooth Surly 2

When Josh and I got to Town Hall on Thursday we were disappointed to see two of the three infusion beers crossed out on the menu. Fortunately, they still had the Lingonberry. It reminded me a bit of Surly 2, but definitely less potent. Where Surly 2 made me scrunch my face like the Sour Patch Kids, this really smooth. More my style. I guess this was the milk porter at work? Anyway, it was enjoyable, but not enough that I wanted two of them. So we moved on to Life Double Red Ale.