Hmmm, not Mmmm

This was an interesting IPA. Not what I expected in both the flavor and color. The color was extremely light. The flavor was initially very light on the bitterness, but had a stronger hop finish and aftertaste. 1800 IPA has a malty feel. The aroma and flavor were slightly earthy. I generally enjoy IPA brews but this one did not impress me. I would suggest ordering a Masala Mama. This beer just didn’t satisfy.

TH 1800

I recall enjoying this last year when they made it and enough to pick up one of their 1800 shirts, too.  That being said I’ve had a lot of beers over the last year so I didn’t have a specific taste memory before trying it this year.  Being an IPA it was nearly a gimme that I would like it, especially since Town Hall tends to do IPAs very well.  Plenty of flavor but well balanced enough to sit and drink for hours.

1800 IPA is a gateway drug

I don’t usually choose to drink IPAs. They typically have this sharp edge that is unpleasant to me. That being said, I really liked this beer. It is very well rounded and made for a perfect accompaniment to the fried green beans and bleu burger I had.  I have to agree with Rett on the Porter, it was just a little bit too much on the creamy, sweet side. It reminded me of an cold mocha.

Straight to my brain

I met up with some Brew52’ers on Sunday where we sampled beer out on the patio. I started off with the Milk Porter which was super smooth, super creamy, and a bit too sweet for my taste. Then I had an 1800 IPA and it totally hit the spot. A really nice bite to it, but not too bitter. When the server came with my tab she asked if I had one or two IPA’s and I had to think really hard for a half a minute and I still wasn’t entirely sure. This is either a good sign for the beer or a bad sign for my brain.