Decent Hefeweizen

I enjoyed this beer after mowing the lawn tonight which may result in a higher then normal rating. Almost any beer tastes good after mowing the lawn.

I’m not a big fan of Hefeweizen but I thought this was a decent beer. There is a slight taste of hops when you first sip the beer and a smooth finish. I like the design of the can. Judging by his mustache, the guy on the can is related to Rett in some way. Maybe that’s why he picked this pub pint for review.

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Throughout college I subscribed to the cheep beer = good times philosophy. For a short while I wandered away from beer for the variety of wines and spirits before realizing I could have the variety I wanted with that great beer taste! Since then I have tried many types of beer from many brewers and I see brew52 as a way to sample great Minnesota brews with like-minded friends.

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